"Your hula class is the best in Boulder!" - P., Boulder
"I have been to Hawai'i many times, but you are the best hula dancers I've ever seen!" -
J., Evergreen
"Some of your dancers did a show for us a while back, and they were spectacular!
That is why we are bringing you back for our event this summer!"
T., Denver
"You have great hula classes, both for keiki and wahine." - Y., Boulder


"What a break from the humdrum work your class is!" - Dr. S., Boulder


"My daughter and I are enjoying your class and the new world we are being
opened up to so very much!  We look forward to your class
every week." - G., Boulder


"I love your classes - I enjoy them very much!  You are an excellent teacher!
Thanks for the beautiful classes!" - Michelle, Boulder


"I so appreciate all you bring to us - your gentle encouragement, enthuasiam,
and fun spirit.  Thank you, La'e!" - K., Boulder


"I am so enjoying your class.  Thank you for all you give to us!" - C., Boulder


"I felt such joy after last week's class!" - M., Boulder


"I'm so grateful for you and my hula sisters!" - W., Boulder


"Your performance today was incredible - really one of the best of the show!
You all were lovely and really conveyed the spirit of the song.  It was
Very special watching you." - K., Boulder